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geeezuz, said the whores on istedgade as she walked by,
geeezuz said she when reading that paper, is this boring.
is this it?
well, as it permeates everything, this is it.
the mere mention of harmony a provocation.
what is the nature of one string hit?
and is there a future in it?
it dont mean shit
and theres no time to lose.

flower and robots entwine our terraces
and our views out to the sea,
but who said we want to be free?

they slingshot your copters
and slaughter your captains.

new austerity pack

new austerity pack 

“a new standard, a new no,
and if you come close, more than a new no.”
with gentle emptiness our space
we fill each other over the distance.

i own three forks –
when i have guests,
i borrow from my neighbours.

we watch our spaces carefully.
there s apples, chili and pepper
in a wooden bowl.

love and diligence take the place of the big car.
i open things with my hands.
i crack nuts with my hands.
no gym in the wild either.

my bed is white –

let us not rubbish happiness,
just not claim it for our own “i”.

so i will speak to you in the evening
and see you once a month.

we try to never stop learning.
if you only have a no, they will round you up and kill you.
there has got to be more and lower.

uphill our exercise and blessing.

tiny seeds, if rich, enough to feed us.