new austerity pack 

“a new standard, a new no,
and if you come close, more than a new no.”
with gentle emptiness our space
we fill each other over the distance.

i own three forks –
when i have guests,
i borrow from my neighbours.

we watch our spaces carefully.
there s apples, chili and pepper
in a wooden bowl.

love and diligence take the place of the big car.
i open things with my hands.
i crack nuts with my hands.
no gym in the wild either.

my bed is white –

let us not rubbish happiness,
just not claim it for our own “i”.

so i will speak to you in the evening
and see you once a month.

we try to never stop learning.
if you only have a no, they will round you up and kill you.
there has got to be more and lower.

uphill our exercise and blessing.

tiny seeds, if rich, enough to feed us.