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“It depends on where this water’s going and what they’re doing with it … If it’s allowed to run off into the ground and stuff, you’re getting a concentration in the ground. If it’s going into the ocean, you’re getting some accumulation in the ocean.”


fredericia and the geography of sound

david thomas talk very enjoyable …
geography is all, space and time.
the drum does not make a sound, it makes a mechanical wave travelling in air. the sound is made entirely by mind, inside the listener. and nobody knows the sound the other is hearing.
nobody knows.
he built a house on the bottom of the sea.
… uh i hate poetry, there s so many words …
he contradicts himself, first explaining the fracturing of scale through recording techniques and later postulating space/scale in folk musics, e.g. by saying that true reggae should be from jamaica.
hey we all grew up with fractured space.
i hope i didnt offend you. are you japanese? but it s true … ah fuck.
… the water outlet pipe above the lake as symbol of distance later experienced in hotel beds and homes … almost shunryu suzuki .. almost liverpool eight … almost horses …
lotus tea. number of the beast.
caring words distorted by auto completion.