meanings of the term 101

The number of the torture room in the novel “Nineteen-eighty-four” by George Orwell,
which also included “Big Brother”. Yes that is where the name of that stupid TV show aimed at fucktards came from.

A scenic highway that goes through California.
Take the 101, it’s more scenic than most highways in Cali, plus there’s bound to be less traffic.

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The room where the Ministry of Loveinflicts its worst torture – subjecting you to whatever you fear the most,
in George Orwell’s 1984

Zoey 101 Personal Time 29 up, 7 down love it hate it

When a male locks themself in a private room with cable tv or VCR, such as a bedroom,
so they can watch an episode of the Nickelodeon’s television show Zoey 101
and masturbate without being disturbed or interupted.
My friends wanted me to come out with them on Sunday.
But I told them I was busy so I could have Zoey 101 Personal Time.

1. Definition:

(n.) the most basic level of a course

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Algebra/ Geometry/ Philosophy/ Biology/ any other academic subject 101

Means the basic, foundation level of this subject. So saying that you’ve passed Algebra 101 means
you have a good basic general knowledge of algebra.