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the meaning of things going wrong is

here we sit
in anticipation.
prince and princess –
oiled bodies,
scented lobes.
as the sweet little things
toil away in pain –
joints bursting,
muscles snapping.
oh sweet little fools:
bring us your one song!
read us your ultimate verse!
as your worlds collapse
and all hope is gone:
everything is fine.
disillusion is birth.
happy never made us happy anyway.
you can be everything
as everything is your own
the only thing you cannot be
is low.

of all my most dearly held truths, the opposite is also true.

mind field:

* “…there are two types of truth: superficial truth and deep truth. In a superficial truth, the opposite is false. In a deep truth, the opposite is also true.” — Niels Bohr

* “If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same” Rudyard Kipling, If –