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about some new music

i feel welcomed by something

that does not

welcome me at all

the oily wall, the water beside the stolen boat:
pitch black

the street light’s there
complete with the smell of pee
& her –

you ve broken every bone & promise &
the worst thing
you could do now is
lie about your grief
and age. age – yes – but for years
i have not felt so
not alone as here,
by the door – so please

let me stay.

just for a while.

jewels of machine translation – the wolf’s milk

A letter to a young – when you start reading and thinking, you just completed the rite.In front, this will bring you pain, even dangerous, and even your child out of tune with the surrounding. But you grow up, you will know their own mental development is normal. Many of your peers, it may not yet broken wolf’s milk. I hope that chaired the times in your day, you selfish scum and today they had a big difference. (@ Tujiawild-fu)



Kyle Lee translated like this:


A letter to the youth — When you pick a book, start to read and think, you are becoming mature. For the time being, these behaviors or habits might bring you pain or danger, even isolate you from fellows at your age. However, this is how you grow up, you can feel you mind becoming more and more consistent and complete, while others still suck. I wish, when the time sheds light upon your generation, you would be totally different from those selfish, inglorious and ignorant jerk asses who nowadays stink everywhere.
( Translated originally from Chinese. )

jewels of machine translation – der riesige gewebte


mail von denen, die den riesigen gewebten einzuschalten. Laut dem Bericht,
1, die Essenz davon wird die Welt bewegen, die große Vision (Ziel-Bild) und eine Straßenkarte von dort zurück geworfen, einmal beschlossen, das Bild, Zusammenarbeit und der Maßnahmen, und … tragen zu beenden.


mail from them that the huge woven. According to the report,
1, the essence of it will move the world, threw the big vision (target picture) and a map from there, once decided, the image, cooperation and action, and … end to bear.